I went to visit Lake Shawnee on October 26, 2020! We had a great time just flashing pictures. My husband took a picture of me in the school bus. You can see me in there but there is a picture of a face in the right-hand corner of the photo. There is also a picture of a black figure sitting next to me! What a great experience we will be back!!
Kim Lathem '20

We visited Lake Shawnee today and took dozens of pictures but one stood out from the rest. My 14 year old son wanted a picture in the drivers seat and so I took several shots and so did my husband with his phone. Only one picture came up with what looks like a face over my son’s left shoulder. This does not appear in any of the other photos! Our guide told us to take multiple shots of the same thing in hopes of catching something, and he was right. I can’t help but notice the resemblance in this ghostly picture…
Theresa Quinn '20

My husband and I came for the 2 pm tour this past Saturday and wanted to share a couple of photos that I took while there and my artistic vision of how I viewed everything! I wanted to bring the Ferris wheel somewhat back to life in the photo with some lights.

I also wanted to say we had a blast loved the tour and the history we learned and were able to see while there. We will definitely be back in the fall!! Thanks so much!

Jess Moore '20