Lake Shawnee FAQ
What if it rains?

We rarely close the property due to the weather. The only exceptions would be severe weather. You should always prepare yourself for the elements when visiting our location as we mostly outdoor.

Do you accept groups?

Of course, we encourage them. Experiences like this are best experienced with others. If you have special requests for accommodations please contact us.

Can I take pictures?

Please do! We enjoy interacting with our guests and encourage you to take pictures during visits. Picture opportunities are available during both the daytime tours and overnight experiences. We also accept picture and visitor story submissions via email. Share your experience with the world!

Is there an age limit?

You must be at least 18 years of age to book an event. Parents must accompany little ones if you choose to bring them.

Are there restrooms?

Yes, we have facilities available on the property.

Do you accept special events?

Weddings, birthday parties, slumber parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties. You name it and we have probably entertained a special event for it. Simply reach out to us via phone, text, or Facebook and we’ll get you set up.

Do you have a place for me to charge my electronic devices?

Yes, there are electrical outlets available at certain locations on the property.

What should I bring for a daytime tour?

Our tour adapts to your interests as we proceed. This is an abandoned location however and certain preparations should be made. The property is quite large and walking is involved at certain points as we guide you to all of the historic locations.

What should I bring for an overnight stay?

The overnight experience at Lake Shawnee leaves your group alone in the park. So you will want to bring along some things to help you through the night. Sleeping bags, tents, even wood for a campfire. Dressing in layers is also a good idea depending on the weather. RVs and campers are also permitted if that is more your style. We do not provide food so you may want to come prepared for that or enjoy eating at one of the local establishments in Princeton which is closeby.


Dark Carnival FAQ
What time does the event start?

The ticket booth opens at 6pm and the event begins at dark.

What if it rains/snows?

We will host the Dark Carnival rain or shine. If the weather is too severe for any reason, we may shut down the event for the safety of our visitors

Are you open on Halloween?


Are bags permitted?

Backpacks or large tote bags will NOT be permitted for any reason in certain locations within the event such as the Dark Carnival haunted attraction.

Can I bring my kids?

You can certainly bring your kids but please be aware that the Dark Carnival haunted attraction can be unsettling for certain little ones. We do not adjust the haunted attraction for the age of its attendees. If you need to exit the attraction before it is over or your child does not want to go through, be aware that there is no refund on ticket purchases.

Are there any activities not suitable for me if I’m pregnant?

There is something for everyone at the Dark Carnival. We would not recommend the Dark Carnival haunted attraction if you are pregnant however as part of safety precautions for you and your unborn child.

Do you have a place for me to charge my electronic devices?

Yes, there are electrical outlets available at certain locations on the property.

Do you accept groups?

Of course! However, we do not offer group rates on tickets.

Are there restrooms?

Yes, there are facilities on site.

Will there be food on-site?

Yes, we have an on-site food vendor during the Dark Carnival.